What Makes Us Different

Classical vs. Competitive training

With no prior dance training, it can be confusing to know what to sign your dancer up for and to understand the differences between each dance studio.

Here at Southside Dance, we are primarily focused on classical ballet training. This means that our dancers will learn French terminology, have opportunities to dance in traditional ballets such as Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, and their technique will be refined to a pre-professional standard. 

Learn more about what it means to be a classically trained dancer here: What Is Classical Ballet Training? | Joffrey Ballet School Blog 

Competitive dance focuses typically on broader styles of dance, including things like Jazz, Lyrical, and Tap. Competitive studios may have good ballet training, but the focus is not on ballet.  Where classical ballet usually only hosts a few local performances throughout the year, competitive dancers may be expected to travel to compete upwards of 3 times a year. Competitive studios are usually more suited to preparing students for commercial careers in dance, whereas classical training prepares students for careers in ballet companies. 

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 To go alongside our student's ballet education, we also offer Tap, Hip Hop, and Modern classes.


Southside Dance Studio partners with Hendersonville Ballet to put on performances of classical ballets, which is part of what makes our student's training special. Hendersonville Ballet is the performing company supported by Southside Dance. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit. This partnership gives our dancers the opportunity to work with guest instructors, audition for performances, and learn what goes into putting on a ballet.

 HB's mission is to provide professional performance experiences for the community while enhancing the training of their dancers. While Southside offers the training for dancers, HB provides them with the experience of being in a company. Hendersonville Ballet has both a Jr. Company, which Southside dancers Level 3+ may audition to join, and a Full Company, which dancers Level 4+ may audition for.

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